Despite the well-known benefits of physical activity, 53% of Michigan residents reported to have less than 30 minutes a day of leisure-time physical activity five or more times a week, and 24% reported no leisure-time physical activity. With SELCRA our sports are more than just physical activity. They are socializing, stress relieving, FUN and of course "Creating Community Through People Parks & Programs".

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Youth Sports

Our youth sports leagues teach children the importance of having a healthy, active lifestyle from a very young age.  SELCRA offers a large variety of sports for children as young as 3 years of age all the way up to teenagers in the 10th grade.

Adult Sports

Stay active and compete with or against your friends and co-workers in our exciting and very competitive Adult Sport Leagues!



Have any questions, comments, concerns, regarding sports? Please feel free to contact Cheryl Royster;