Strategic Plan

SELCRA - Planning for the future!

The Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority will begin working on its five-year strategic plan in August 2014! 

SELCRA's strategic plan will identify where the organization wants to be in the next five years and how it is going to get there. The "strategic" part of this planning process is the continual attention to current changes in the organization and its external environment, and how this affects the future of the organization in the community.

The process will:
a) Take a wide look around at what's going on outside the organization and how it might affect SELCRA (an environmental scan), and identify opportunities and threats
b) Take a hard look at what's going on inside the organization, including its strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
c) Establishing statements of mission, vision and values
d) Establishing goals to accomplish over the next five years, as a result of what's going on inside and outside the organization
e) Identify how those goals will be reached (strategies, objectives, responsibilities and timelines)

Please contact us - community input is always welcome!